Save Time And Money!

Having 10.000,00 EUR more for investing in business on an annual basis sounds great, isn’t it?  

A good manager knows that every euro that is saved, without compromising the quality of business, means that we have the euro more to invest further and to generate additional revenue.

Imagine a situation where you can save money and improve quality of business at the same time?

There is no doubt that the best solution is to have inhouse staff if you can afford it and handle all the related risks.The amount of money mentioned above is the minimum annual amount that you need to recruit an internal accountant. Using the public information provided by the website, adding tax and contributions to the employee’s net salary and contributions of the employer (which are required by Serbian legislation), we obtained the result that Serbia’s average gross salary for accountants is 9,356, 00 * EUR yearly.


Please note that if you hire an accountant in Belgrade, this amount can be even higher, especially if you consider that e 2 e accountants require a certain level of seniority, which automatically means a higher salary. The amount of 9,356.00 EUR does not take into account the monthly fee for transportation, which is legally required. E.g: for the Zone 1 in Belgrade, it is about EUR 25 monthly, or EUR 300 per year.

Accounting staff must have access to adequate accounting softwareThe most afordable price is about EUR 25 per month, or annually about 300 EUR.

If you want the accounting process to be done well, it is necessary for the accountant to have access to adequate literature, as well as seminars.

Variety of additional costs may also occur, starting from the recruitment process: online ads, costs of work contract, CROSO application Etc. Afterwards, you’ll have to provide your new employee with all the office equipement: office table, chair, computer, operating system, telephone, phone number, if necessary mobile phone, business mail (in addition, we did not calculate at all the costs such as additional office space, electricity, water, Internet …)

Engagement of an additional employee does not only imply his salary, even then the employer often forgets the related expenses exist even if employee is at vacation or sick leave.

Altogether with the costs and time dedicated to employee recruitment and training, you are still faced with the risk that employee will not fit into the environment, or that they will find a new job after a while, which means you’ll have to perform the selection process all over again. In addition, it takes several months (depending on the complexity and demand of the position) for the employee to achieve full operability.


If you are not sure that your organization has enough strength to support all of these costs, as well as the negative impact on the business that fluctuation can bring, especially if you have only one employee in a vital function (payroll and tax pay has its deadlines and the legal consequences in case of failure) you can always hire an agency and invest the remaining funds in a business process.


 Contact us today and provide yourself with constant support and experienced associates who will contribute to the development of your idea and provide you wit the peace of mind. We are sure that we are able to find a solution tailored to your needs and your budget.


Amounts  refer to data available on April 24, 2019, at the middle exchange rate of the NBS on that date.