Increase Flexibility!

Whether You are planning a small local business, or a major breakthrough on the market, You will soon realize that unfortunately You won’t be able to devote Yourself exclusively to the creation of websites, making great pizzas, creating pet clothes or recycling materials. Instead, You will have to spend Your limited resources on other activities that are not Your core business, but which are necessary to keep Your business going.

Paying utilities, ordering office supplies, organizing a business trip, arranging contracts, setting up a google ads, cost analysis, accounting Etc. All these activities require time, concentration and patience. However, the major problem is that every minute You spend engaged in such activities, leaves less time for the core activities that really differentiate You on market. The less time You have to devote to Your business, the lower is Your ability to earn.

Once You come to this conclusion, it is logical to seek help and engage more people. It’s a moment of coping with problems that can jeopardize Your development:

You Need Help In Different Business Segments, But Less Than 40 Hours a Week

In order to achieve progress, it is necessary to provide a person with advanced skills in the domain of accounting. However, in terms of high division of labor and specialization, it is difficult and expensive to find someone with such qualifications.

On the other hand, even if You have the resources to hire full time employees in supporting activities, when You don’t need them, it leaves less resources to hire employees for Your core activities, resulting in lower capacity and consequently lower income.

You Can Only Hire One Person In Position Where Workflow Mustn’t Be Interrupted

A good example is the issuance of proformas and invoices in wholesale. It’s a job that requires a person to be constantly available to clients. However, every employee has the right to go on sick leave or vacation, which means You won’t be able to serve Your clients’ needs in timely manner. Other good examples are calculations and payments of salaries or tax returns submission and payments.

You Don’t Have Time / Knowledge to Organize Training For a New Employee

You need help in an area where You are not a professional Yourself. Under these circumstances, You need a proactive and self-motivated person who can take over this part of the job and independently manage it. In other words, You need a person with a lot of experience, who has already managed it independently, which also means rising costs of engagement.



Career development is a natural process for every professional and over time, it will happen more than once that Your employees will find a new position in another company, in line with the expected professional development. However, such decisions have implications on Your business: it is necessary to organize a new selection process, as well as training. In the upcoming period it is most likely that new employees will not be fully operational, tasks will be performed slower and errors will occur. Are You sure You want to be exposed to the risk of error when calculating and paying taxes to the state or salaries to workers?

Lack Of Capacity

You need a couple of extra hands on the keyboard, but You have not anticipated the keyboard, phone, necessary business software or office in Your budget.

Seasonal Variations

One month You need accountant 3 hours a day on average, but the next month You need 6 hours.

All the situations mentioned above are real problems in business practice, which managers often encounter.


Each of them carries a risk to Your business, either through inadequate service quality, idling or additional cash outlay.

It follows that one of the main challenges of today’s turbulent business conditions is to increase flexibility and thus minimize all potential hazards.


Our agency provides You with this opportunity, offering You services fully tailored to Your needs. Expertise, space, equipment, any kind of fluctuation and other business risks associated with accounting are no longer Your concern. Make the most of all resources and avoid the conditions of inefficiency and inefficiency – contact us today and schedule an appointment.