“We are fully committed to your needs, always taking into account your available resources. We are here to provide you with the peace of mind”

Jelena Nikolić, founder

MJM & Co Services is an accounting office in Belgrade, Serbia. We provide our clients with wide diapason of the accounting services. Although bookkeeping services are predominant and most common services demanded from clients, we provide clients with the internal reports, analysis, budgets Etc.

Our accounting office in Belgrade have modern and comprehensive bookkeeping software licences in line with Serbian legislation, but we can use Quickbooks, Xero, SAP or other software on demand. In order to generate reports for you and analyse them, we are able to use your SQL databases.

MJM & Co Services accounting office was founded with the idea to deliver the highest quality of accounting services based on more than a decade of accumulated knowledge and experience in the field of accounting, both through education offered by the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade and ACCA, as well as the engagement in some of the most well-known multinational companies in this region.

Our mission is to enable users of our accounting services to devote themselves to their activities, providing them with the peace of mind. We are committed on savings in using clients’ resources, while protecting them regarding the accounting field. This approach is fully focused on building long-term relationships with our clients, filled with trust and respect.

Our vision is that our name becomes synonymous with reliability and trust in this region.

Our core values ​​are:

1. Integrity and respect – we always stick to the right solution, not the easiest solution, respecting the agreements and deadlines and doing our job honestly and transparently.


2. Passion and dedication – we perform our accounting business with the full commitment to the clients and their needs, never being satisfied with the less than the pure and the highest quality.


3. Team spirit and loyalty – interpersonal relations, mutual respect and achievement of the final goals by using synergy effects are the pillars of our accounting organization.

4. Contribution to the community – with the love we serve the community we belong to,  where we have achieved both career and private goals.